Creative Salad

Today, I made a very creative salad.  Instead of using loose greens as a base, I chopped up cruciferous veggies.  This could work well with broccoli or endive, too:

-5 large Brussels sprouts, chopped
-7 florets Cauliflower, chopped
– 1/4 Red onion, diced
– 4 garlic cloves, roasted
– 1/4 cup tabouli salad (bulgur wheat, tomatoes, cucumber and basil)
– 1/2 cup Cottage cheese, low-fat and unsalted
– 4 tbsps Peccorino romano
– 2 tbsps Balsamic vinegar
– Mrs Dash original spice, to taste

Tasted great but needed: sliced almonds or walnuts, golden raisins, olive oil

This isn’t a picture of my creation, but it makes me want to try brussels sprouts with walnuts and raisins next time:

Grilled to perfection ..

Grilled to perfection ..

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  1. I vote you post your own food photos! I thought that was yours. 😦

    Add toasted sliced almonds. Buy the container of sliced almonds then just sprinkle a handful in a bare pan on low-medium heat and toss them around for a few minutes. Also make a tasty snack.


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