My Sleep-Pod-NYC Idea: TAKEN!

I was dozing off at the end of the work-day, eyes fluttering in full-throttle.  I NEEDED A NAP!  But where could I get it?  Just 20 minutes of sound snoozing.  I couldn’t go back home for this – and I didn’t want to sleep in a chair.  Where could I go?  I couldn’t lie on a bench with the homeless, I couldn’t rest my head on the bookcases in Barnes and Noble, risking knee-bruises by careless book-worms.  What I needed was a safe, comfortable, cushiony, warm, soft, musical, lavendar and rosy place to rest my eyes and dream.  What I needed was a sleep pod. 


I first learned of these little button holes when corporate wellness centers began offering it to their employees.  The purpose of this novel napping option?  To give executives a break.  They could simply set the timer to 5, 10, 15, 20 + minutes, and get their R&R, versus taking out aggressions on an innocent intern or blowing through a pack of cigarettes. 

This fabulous idea, I thought, is not just for execs.  What about the dietetic intern that travels from the west to the east side everyday, woven into the chaotic mess of the hospital world?  Why shouldn’t she be able to get her REM cycle flowing mid-afternoon?  A good nap shows significant decreases in blood pressure, not to mention, clarity of mind.   This would be important to those in stressful on-the-go jobs. 

I was pondering these questions and frantically getting excited about opening up various Sleep-Pod locales through NYC when I came upon …  The mellow ambiance, to the packaging preferences, to the warm-blooded colors on the website – it’s as if Yelo pieced together their virtual reality segment by rummaging through the contents of my brain.

That’s it.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Penny on October 8, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Is there a way to purchase a “sleep pod” similar to the photo at top of this website? An enclosed pod or capsule that could be used all night inside a noisy bedroom? Thank you for any suggestions!!


  2. I really don’t know that info, sorry.. But it looks like you can contact MetroNaps directly here ( and maybe they can help you out with that. Good luck! -Mb


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