Ireland and the Food

On Sunday, I came back from a beautiful trip to Ireland.  I have some family over there on my Uncle’s side and it was nice to visit the cousins.  The land is greener than those hot neon spandex I wore in the 90s!

This picture was NOT enhanced.  Incredibly GREEN!

This picture was NOT enhanced. Incredibly GREEN!

I stayed on my cousin’s farm – like my professor Joan Gussow, many people grow all of their veggies and fruits on their own land.  Some think it’s ludicrous that the world gets their foods shipped all over the place.  I also tried unpasteurized milk for the first time – tasty!  Very creamy.  Then again, everything in Ireland is creamy… The country is full of butter, scones and other saturated, earthly delights.

YUMMMM, Irish Soda Bread

They are also really into tea and toast.  I don’t know how this happened, but in a matter of ONE WEEK- my healthy diet went from heart-healthy to heart-noxious.  About a couple of pounds later, I found myself waddling home from across the pond, ready to get back to my flaxmeal and oats, exercise and work…  And here I am to tell the tale.

Me and the sheep

Me and the sheep


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