Rosie to Handle Food

Because she’s less likely to lick her fingers and contaminate ingredients during food production, Rosie the Jetson’s robot may take the place of people when it comes to food handling.


So much for creating new jobs…  Jeff Burnstein, President of the Robotic Industries Association, thinks that food-borne illnesses are caused by people that come into contact with food.  He’s partially correct – improper food handling during growing, harvesting, processing, storing, shipping and preparing foods can cause contamination.  But foods may also have harmful bacteria in them without people having anything to do with it.  Ciguatera, for example, is a toxin produced by algae – and guess what, Burnstein, people aren’t the ones that cause it and you can’t destroy it with cooking.  Nonetheless, Burnstein believes robots are better at preparing food.

“The fact is that robots are cleaner than people,” he says.  Burnstein proposes that we will be seeing more robots in the packing and production stages of food — and in restaurants.  Supposedly, there are now places that own robotic sushi-makers.  Call me a robot-racist but can Rosie really whip up Hamachi?!



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