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JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge – Boston

Today, 27 NextJumpers from the Cambridge office will compete in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile run. Please support your team – the race will be held in the Boston Common. Go NEXTJUMP!


Dietitian reviews nutrition bars

Choosing a nutrition bar should depend on what you need it to do because such bars vary widely in calorie, protein and sugar content, writes registered dietitian Molly Kimball. A bar higher in protein and lower in sugar keeps you feeling full longer, but if you need energy for your workout, pick a bar that is lower in protein and fat, which can slow digestion. […]


Protein post exercise: how much

Read, comment and find out for yourself 🙂

Simple rules make dining out nutritious for children

Taking the family out for dinner can be a nutrition nightmare for parents unless they follow some simple rules, such as studying options beforehand and choosing a sit-down restaurant. Parents should encourage children to drink milk rather than juice when dining out, make sure they order vegetables and nudge them toward lean main dishes. […]

Source: Good Housekeeping

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Team Dinner, NYC

Those participating in the JPMCC run will dine together in Mr. Incredibles, 7:45PM. Carbohydrate-loading is not necessary for a short run. The optimal combination for a pre-race dinner is salad, a variety of pastas and sauces and meat/veggie protein sources. I will speak informally about road-race nutrition and will provide my Q&A to UK and Boston the following day. Get ready to go, NxJ!


Research evaluates pros and cons of coffee consumption

Studies show that coffee confers both health benefits and risks. Coffee may protect against cognitive decline and Type 2 diabetes, but other research links it to increased anxiety, migraines and gastrointestinal effects. […]

Source: USA Today

SCAN Guest Blogger

Hi All –

I’ll be guest blogging at Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) for a little bit.

Check out my first post.