With the Economy on the Upswing, Vacationing Is Back in Season

Now that the economy is picking up, consumers are packing up to take advantage of summer pricing deals being offered by the $600 billion U.S. travel industry. Resorts, theme and amusement parks are expecting higher attendance, cruise‐line bookings are on the rise, and the car‐rental industry is gearing up for a busy summer. “Nobody wanted to be a showoff or seem ostentatious by traveling during a recession. This year, all that pent‐up demand is back.” In a recent study by Travelocity, 49% of respondents said they planned to travel more this summer than in summer 2009. “We’re getting a sense of the increase in summer travelers just by looking at our own site traffic. Our traffic generally increases a little every April and May as people research summer vacation. This year, it was up 25% in April (over last April). That trip that people put off last year? They’re taking it this year.”

Source: AdAge


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