NextJumper Question of the Day

Should I consume a sports drink whenever I workout?

No – every workout does not require the use of a sports drink. There are a few exercise situations where you can benefit from drinking your calories. They are:

a. Length of workout: If you are exercising for over 90 minutes, then the carbohydrates that are stored in your muscles (glycogen) will get depleted. Once glycogen is depleted, you will fatigue. Sports drinks have been shown to delay fatigue and improve endurance.

b. Intensity: If you are unable to pass the “talk-test” for most of your workout (e.g., when asked a question, people won’t comprehend your answer), then a sports drink can provide the fuel necessary to push through tough training sessions.

c. Low on energy: If you haven’t eaten for much of the day – the calories and carbs in a sports drink can give your body an energy boost and prevent you from fainting.

*Propel or diluted Gatorades (such as G2) are the best sports drinks on the market.


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