Does your body shape affect cognition?

Lots of hype on this recent study done on 8,745 healthy women aged 65 to 79 – all had been enrolled in the initial Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) hormone trials cohort. According to the researchers (and CNN, the Sun and other media who find it necessary to broadcast preliminary studies that never replicate results), excess weight in pear-shaped women is associated with poor memory. The premise is that certain kinds of fat release specific hormones (such as cytokines) that can cause inflammation, which affects cognition. There were a bunch of limitations in this study, which should be noted. For one, the study was done on highly educated women, which means none of the results can be generalized. Secondly, there are many confounding factors that can impair one’s memory. For example, the researchers admitted that mood, age, and depression play a role.

via Study: Body shape affects memory in older women –

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