Best Time to Exercise?

Next Jumpers have been wondering: when are the best/worst times to work out?  There isn’t a WORST time – there are better times that fit your own sleep patterns.  If you are waking and sleeping during normal hours (anytime between 10PM –10AM) then you will want to work out when YOUR BODY feels YOUR highest energy levels.  For some people that is first thing in the morning. Others, it can be in the late afternoon.  Check in with your biological clock.

Although the research on this topic shows equivocal evidence, some studies report that endurance and strength are at its peak in the afternoon.  After a few meals have been digested and absorbed, you will have topped off glycogen stores (liver and muscle storage of carbohydrate) to use for fast energy.

Some studies have shown that late night workouts actually help people sleep better.


David W. Hill; Kirk J. Cureton; Mitchell A. Collins, Circadian specificity in exercise training, Ergonomics, Volume 32, Issue 1 January 1989, pages 79 – 92.


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