Are supplements necessary?

Short answer: no, nothing beats a well-rounded, real food-based diet.

Long answer: including certain supplements in the diet can be helpful IF IT IS A FOOD-BASED SUPPLEMENT.  For example, taking omega-3’s in the form of fish oils at least two times per week is recommended (especially if you do not eat fish regularly).  Having omega-3’s in your body will help decrease triglycerides (blood fats), decrease blood pressure, and reduce overall inflammation caused by poor eating habits, strenuous exercise and excessive alcohol intake.

A good diet will not require the use of any dietary supplements.  An occasional multi-vitamin or calcium supplement and D could be useful during the winter time, since there is less sunlight for vitamin D production in skin.  Dietitians and doctors are cautious when it comes to recommending high-dose vitamin and mineral supplements because supplements are unregulated and some are unsafe.  The vitamins and minerals in supplements are synthetic nutrients. Plus, giving isolated nutrients can cause further imbalances in the body’s electrolyte and mineral status.  That is why we use and recommend food-based supplements.

The following are food-based supplements that your doctor or dietitian can recommended if at risk for having low levels thereof:

* Fermented Cod Liver Oil – a great source of food-based vitamins A, D and K
* Whole Food Based Multivitamin – a broad-based source of whole food nutrients
* Digestive Enzyme support – gentle digestive support from plant based enzymes
* Powdered Green Drink – an essential source of minerals for those not getting 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.


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