What’s In Your Breakfast?

NextJump’s NYC cereal canisters had a major make-over this past week.  What’s with the change?  For all those not cooking up MW’s 40-second Irish Oats, having cold cereal is an easy, fast and healthy way to start off the day (so long as the bowl of choice isn’t loaded with garbage, i.e., sugar, salt and trans-fat).  Take a peek at our new cereals, followed by commentary:

One high-light from each cereal:

All-Bran Strawberry Medley: one cup offers 10g of fiber.  Women need at least 25g per day and men need 38g.  Most cereals provide 5g or less per serving.  You get excellent “fiber-value” with this choice.

Cheerios: Whole grain oats (from oatbran) is the very first ingredient in Cheerios’ list.  Any ingredient listed first in the list provides the most quantity in the recipe of the product.  Oatbran is known to help decrease cholesterol via it’s high soluble fiber content (soluble fiber encapsulates the LDL cholesterol and expels it out of the body).

Cracklin’ OatBran: Like Cheerios, Cracklin’s first ingredient in the list is “whole oats.”  There are around six grams of fiber per serving, but measure accordingly since it’s considered a high calorie food.  Nonetheless, this cereal is a good example of a way to include something that is tasty and healthy in moderation.

Quaker Natural Granola: Good source of protein for one serving.  At five grams per serving, one cup of Quaker plus one cup of milk provides a good 12 grams for the morning.

Puffins: a low-calorie choice and good source of fiber at five grams per serving, Puffins are a healthy and yet tasty cereal.


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