Bathroom Exercise!?

Are you sitting in a stall right now?

Great!  Here’s a bathroom exercise to try out.  Don’t be shy.  After you’ve done your business, stand up in the space between the stall door and toilet to perform some “bathroom squats at work.”  Don’t worry, this will only take 10 seconds.  Perform 10 squats (preferably with your pants up) to prevent “office flabby butt.”  Don’t know how to perform a basic squat?  Here’s a step by step.  See below:

1. Stand facing the stall door with feet about shoulder-width apart.
2. Contract the abs and keep them tight as you bend the knees and slowly squat over the toilet.
3. Keep the knees behind the toes as you hover over the toilet for a few seconds.
4. Squeeze your butt as you begin to lift up again, extending the legs.
5. Fully extend the legs until you’re back to standing position.


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