NxJ’er asks: should I eat oatmeal? Lots of carbs…

“I typically have oatmeal each morning, and load it up with strawberries and bananas. I noticed, though, on the package that there are a lot of carbs in oatmeal. I’ve been trying to watch how many carbs I eat recently, but as silly as it sounds, eating oatmeal for breakfast starts my day off right! Do you have any suggestions on how I can get the best of both worlds?” -NxJ’er

Good question.  I do think that a breakfast of oatmeal is healthy and I wouldn’t want you to stop eating it.  Do you have the regular unsweetened type or is the kind you’re using a flavor?  If it is a flavored variety, you can get an extra 10g of sugar that way.  Switch to regular and add your own “spices” like cinnamon and a touch of salt for sweetness/savory.  This way, you minimize the amount of sugar.

If it is a regular variety, then switch from a full package to ¾ or ½ and add more calories through eggs to add protein and satiation.  Eggs mix in nicely with oats in the microwave, believe it or not!

Note: carbs are important and you should have them!  One cup of unsweetened oats is only 25g of carbs, which is a healthy amount of carbs to have in the morning.  Try to aim for at least 30 grams of carbs per meal.

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