Secrets About Trans-fat Labeling

On a nutrition label, it is easy to tell if a food has trans-fat by looking at the ingredients.  Even if the food states “zero grams trans fat” in the nutrition fact label, there may still be trans-fat in the product if one of the ingredients listed is, “partially hydrogenated oil.”

Why is this the case?

Companies are allowed to state the term “trans-fat-free” if the product provides less than 0.5 grams per serving, since consuming less than this amount daily is considered safe.  But packages tend not to have only one serving, and it is easy to consume over that amount.

How can I tell if a product has trans-fat?

You must read the label to see if it has partially hydrogenated (cottonseed, palm kernal, soybean…etc) oils. Here is an example of a “trans-fat free” product below:

Why does it matter?

Having trans-fat everyday will raise your risk of getting heart disease.  For this reason, it is important to look at the ingredients listed in a product.  As an alternative, try eating foods that have a better and healthier source of fat.  Read yesterday’s post to learn some alternatives.

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