Chewing Gum Can Help Cut Calories

Chewing gum has been shown to help curtail mindless eating, says a study (funded by Wrigley, might I add).  The study showed that people who chew gum post-meal reduced their desire to eat sweet snacks as compared to those who did not chew.

First, the study volunteers ate a healthy lunch, then spent the afternoon chewing sugar-free gum (15 minutes an hour for three hours).  The gum chewing crowd chose fewer sweets and consumed 40 less total calories than those who were not chewing.  The gum-chewers also said they felt less hungry and had fewer cravings.

Note: do not start chewing gum if you do not already.  Incessant chewing has been linked to temporal mandibular joint issues and sugar-free substitutes are not tolerated well by everyone.


1. Hetherington MM, Boyland E. “Short term effects of chewing gum on snack intake and appetite.” Appetite. 2007; 48(3):397-401.101.3



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