All of NextJump Drinks

“NextJump drinks” in New York, Boston and the UK.  The three translucent fridges supply a handful of staple drinks.  Write in or comment to suggest new ones or provide feedback on the current:

What are some options?


Chocolate milk, Boost or Zico Coconut water

All have electrolytes.  Boost and Choco milk have the carb and protein necessary for rapid muscle recovery.

THIRSTY (But not for water)

Club soda

Club soda is an excellent way to satisfy a “soda craving,” sans calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals.  If you’re looking for a touch of sweetness, a splash of cranberry or orange in your club soda goes a LONG way.


Diet Pepsi, Fresca, Diet Coke, or Diet Green Tea Ginger Ale

Drinking a reasonable amount of diet soda a day (a can or two) is not likely to hurt you.  BUT – save diet soda for an occasional treat.  This is because there are artificial sweeteners and other chemicals.  Even though they are considered safe when consumed in moderate quantities, it’s important to recognize that the human body is not supposed to take in these types of chemicals.  There is a tad amount of caffeine in these beverages, hence the “pick me up.”

A note on diet: diet soda is NOT a health drink.  When in doubt, drink water or club soda since there are NO additives.  The benefits of drinking diet is if you are in the process of switching from regular soda – this alone will save you at least 200 calories, plus help with weight loss.  Still not convinced?  Many studies have shown that drinking more than one regular soda a day can raise the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Honest Tea, Apple and Orange Juices

Honest Tea is USDA Certified Organic, which means the ingredients used are grown without the use of pesticides or “inert ingredients,” which are a group of pesticide products that are manufactured for soil use and can range in their level of toxicity.  Yes, the foods we eat everyday (unless stamped with a USDA ORGANIC seal) can be grown in soil that has semi-toxic pesticides in it. Honest tea only uses USDA CERIFIED ingredients, plus has antioxidant compounds coming from the tea leaves.


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