Pre-Thanksgiving Action Plan: Cutting Calories

Looking to NOT overeat this Thanksgiving?  Well, good luck with that.  (Kidding!)  Here are my top five tips with commentary that might help slash calories without feeling deprived of your family’s preposterous cornucopia:

#5: Don’t mound it up. Your plate does not need to measure several kilograms – aka, the size of a small satellite dish.  Take one scoop of the items you want to try–think molehill, not mountain.

#4: Put down your fork. Between bites, try to place down the utensil.  It takes at least 20 minutes for the body to feel full.  Hard to savor the stuffing if you cannot spend two seconds enjoying the flavors in your mouth.

#3: There is something called chewing. “Total mastication,” which means complete chewing of the contents in your mouth, is an excellent way to slow down food intake and slash calories.  It is easier to wolf down more servings when you have whole morsels in your mouth.  From a nutrition stand-point, total mastication will allow for the most absorptive potential of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

#2: It is not the last supper – really. Apologize for the religious reference — the point is that there is plenty more time to enjoy Thanksgiving Day foods.  Although it might feel like you need to line your pockets with saran wrap, there is a better way to make the most out of the meal without gorging.  If you are hosting, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many of the dishes over the next couple of days, which means you do not have to try everything that evening.  If you are a guest, many hosts wish not to keep their leftovers and are more than willing to give you a doggy-bag.

#1: Eat a normal to light breakfast and lunch. Starving yourself before the big meal is a sure way to overindulge – if you are famished before your Thanksgiving meal, eat a snack that will not ruin your appetite, like an orange.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Pre-Thanksgiving Action Plan” on exercise.

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