Bread Week

Team UK has been eating bread. Here’s a Happy Bread Week note from Kevin, Alice and Team Scando:

You might have experienced that Emma and I have asked for good bread as a Friday treat.  Just to make it very clear – according us, good bread doesn’t include bagels, white bread, toast:

Based on numerous of misunderstandings, this week we have decided to take a closer look at the bread culture and what we define as good bread – low fat, wholegrain and artisan bread.

Looking at research, Mintel found that consumer consumption of various bread types in UK is changing – in the period 2004 – 2008, consumption of white bread has decreased by 10.6%, while more

consumers are eating brown, wholemeal and granary breads instead. Mintel’s surveys also revealed that UK consumers who eat bread on a daily basis for health reasons consider white breads to be a “sometimes treat” (Mintel Oxygen report – “Bread and Morning Goods – UK– Feb 09”).

This entire week, the UK team is serving a homemade Danish rye breadRugbrød (Danish rye bread).   It is a very commonly used bread in Denmark. Sourdough is almost always the base; the bread may be made exclusively with rye and wheat flour or contain up to one third whole rye grains. Variants with whole sunflower or other seeds also exist.

The bread is almost always very low in fat, its content comparable to most other varieties of bread. It contains no oil or flavouring (except salt). It is rich in whole grain and dietary fiber and contain little or no sugar, and is thus considered by many Danes as a healthy alternative to whiter types of bread.

Happy Bread Week!


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