“Superfood Muppets”

Today, Wednesday December 8th, Sesame Street will introduce the “Superfood Muppets”: a banana, broccoli stalk, whole-wheat bun and low-fat cheese (in furry-form, that is).  Scared?  Thankfully, your kids are the ones watching – and learning.

As corny as a “Superfood Muppet” sounds, children are heavily influenced by popular TV show role-models.  According to a recent article in TIME about the “Superfoods,” the first episode will emphasize “… healthy snacks and the importance of eating breakfast and having meals together as a family.”  This is a great effort to support familial dining and help kids and families choose nutritious foods.

(Photo source: TIME article)

As far as the term “superfood,”  it is not a medical one.  Superfoods are defined as those high in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Among the group, bananas and broccoli are fibrous, high in phytonutrients and phytochemicals, and among the healthiest fruits and vegetables.

Superfood or not, it is important that kids feel more comfortable choosing whole wheat over white bread in our processed world of white garbage. Learned early at a young age, children can develop a palate for grainier, vitamin-rich breads over the empty calories found in white breads.  High fatty diets have also been linked to  increasing overweight and obesity incidence.  For this reason, choosing low-fat dairy is a helpful message for children to learn early, too.

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