Drinking Water

How do I know if I am dehydrated?

Good question – you’re in the right place to find the answer (NYC posts their Daily Briefings in the bathroom stalls – pretend you are there, if reading elsewhere).  Determine hydration status by looking at the color of your urine every time you urinate.  Is it clear and copious?  Well-hydrated.

(Boston Water Cooler_Kitchen)

Do I really need eight cups of water per day?

No, this recommendation is not supported by good research.  Adults lose ~six cups per day via sweating, breathing and urinating/bowel movements.  Food (especially those high in water content like fruits and vegetables) count toward 20% of total fluid intake.  Coffee, tea, and any beverage can replace all other fluids lost through above mechanisms.

Besides NxJ Beverages, how can I just get a bottle of water?

In an effort to keep green, we have filtered water throughout all NxJ offices.  The NxJ water coolers provide filtered cold and hot water, and filters are changed every six months, as required.

Where are they in the various offices?

Boston has one in their kitchen (see above picture) and one in the gym:

The UK has one in the kitchen:

NY has five in total throughout the office:

7th fl:

o   1 in the gym

o   1 in the kitchen

o   1 in the Product Development side (by Adam’s office)

8th fl.:

o   1 in the kitchen

o   1 in the merchant side (by Jackie Edwards’s office)



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