Chris Carmichael Debrief

Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong’s former coach, came to host the second annual TRAIN THE TRAINERS series.  His take-away message was not too dissimilar from that of other athletic and executive coaches: being fit is where one can gain an advantage — no matter the sport, job or hobby.  The idea being, with better fitness levels brings augmented focus, stamina and strength to overcome inevitable obstacles.  Below are my top three favorite take-away points from the day.  Stay tuned for the full video lecture and practical.

Top 3 Points

#3 — TRAINING TRIADS: create mini workout groups within NxJ’er population to create better accountability and help along personal results.  This is a way to do incremental challenges leading up to a big challenge.  (Think: mini races leading up to the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge).

#2 — OVERUSE = UNDER-RECOVERED: If you are over-exerting yourself in or outside of the gym and not getting 7-8 hours sleep and adequate nutrition, you are possibly under-recovering or not recovering at all.  (Think: sprint, sprint, sprint … reload/recover… repeat).  On the exercise end, cross-train and recover when over-worked so you can drive harder when back.  On the flip side, if you are constantly lethargic and find yourself not pushing hard enough, then challenge your fitness routine.  Instead of low intensity exercising, which contrary to popular believe is NOT useful for long-term fat loss, keep intensity high, or try interval training.  This is how more calories are burned, and how the body can rip through both carbohydrate and fat reserves.  Unless exercising at long, slow paces for > 90 minutes, pushing oneself within an allotted time-frame is a better way to shred fat.

#1 — EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE: every athlete has set-backs and needs ample recovery for success.  Elite athletes bring a competitive drive, much like NxJ’ers.  How does an athlete handle losing?  It might help if coaches and managers said something such as, “You are going to lose; everyone loses more than they win.  It is about having fun in the end.  Competing is healthy as it teaches how to work through winning, losing, conflict and disappointment.”

Thanks to all who came out and joined this NxJ U course.  Future open-series of TRAIN THE TRAINERS will be better-focused for mainstream so that everyone can benefit.


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