Top 3 Reasons To Eat Before Drinking

When NextJumpers get together, it is a party like no other.  In order to maintain your good reputation at the NxJ Holiday Party of 2010 (and in the company) below are three ideas to help avoid any sloppy drunkenness.

First, just a wee bit of dirty biochem to get you in the mood.  Alcohol cannot be stored as fat or protein.  Thus, your body has to oxidize it in order to get rid of it.  What does this mean?

Booze (ethanol) —> *acetaldehyde —> acetate —> acetyl CoA —> Krebs Cycle! (this is where we metabolize alcohol for energy)

*Acetaldehyde is what gives you hangovers

So why would we want food in our stomachs?  First of all, your body readily absorbs alcohol throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract.  The majority of absorption takes place in the stomach, (faster if your stomach is empty) and is then transported via the bloodstream to the liver.  So then …

#3 – Giving your stomach something other than alcohol prevents booze from irritating your gut.

#2 – Food delays how fast alcohol gets into your bloodstream – but FYI – it will not prevent you from getting drunk.

#1 – Not having food means you are more likely to hurl… And no one wants to see or smell that 🙂

What is the best meal to have before THE 2010 HOLIDAY PARTY!?

  • Carbohydrates: breads, pastas, and potatoes
  • Proteins: eggs, cheese, nuts, turkey, chicken
  • Salty Foods: pickles, salted nuts, pretzels will make you thirst for water, which is important to ward off dehydration from the alcohol!  Plus, water is helpful for hangovers (especially if it is a sports drink, such as Propel, Gatorade or Coconut Water since all three have electrolytes).

Where can you get these awesome food selections?  NextJump, (duh!)  Take advantage of the gourmet foods we will be offering, starting with a special NextJump-hosted lunch, full of healthy sandwiches and good carby pasta and potato salads.  The buffet will be another great idea to hit up before drinking.  Additionally, the after-midnight snack will keep food churning in the stomach so that alcohol is absorbed at a reduced rate.

For all you calorie-counters, see a previous post, which provides a brief blurb on the average calorie content of alcoholic beverages.

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