Beauty Sleep?

Take a nap before the NxJ 2010 Holiday Party and you might be more physically attractive.  Confused?  Researchers say sleep is tied to physical appearance in a recent study published yesterday in the British Medical Journal.  The study focused on sleep-deprived people aged 18-31.  After a normal (8-hr) night’s sleep, participants were photographed and observed as compared to their sleep-deprived night (31 hours awake after night of reduced sleep).

The researchers concluded that people looked more tired, less healthy and less attractive when they were sleep-deprived compared with their appearance when they had enough sleep.  One of the researchers stated that, “…sleep is the body’s natural beauty treatment… and more effective than any other treatment you could buy.”  ABC News 12/15.

That said, tonight is the time to party hard after a long year’s hard work — beauty sleep later 🙂


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