NxJ’ers Poppin’ Some Corn

It is four PM and the engineers in NYC get a little antsy.  Before you can say Pop Secret, a familiar whiff permeates the floor.  Are these NxJ’ers eating the right stuff?  They sure are!

Popcorn has an excellent nutrition fact profile– low in calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and a good source of fiber.  (Nutrition fact label below for one cup, popped).

The problem is when you want to add salt, butter, and other crazy ingredients (like powdered cheese! Yes – there is such an unfortunate thing).  Four grams of trans fat and 240mg of sodium later, you have yourself a terrible afternoon snack.

When searching for brands, look for a “no-trans fat microwave popcorn” and check the ingredients.  If it does say “partially hydrogenated soybean oil,” then there is more than 0.5g per serving in the product (even if the products states zero trans-fat).  Still confused about trans-fat?  See a previous post describing the labeling laws in more detail.


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