West Coast’ers Plan to Spend 47% More on Health, Fitness in 2011

Even though Silicon Valley “…prides themselves on health-oriented fitness vacations,” it looks like NextJump is beating them to the mark.  According to recent American Express data, the West-Coast is … “planning to outspend the general population for fitness vacations, fitness games and general fitness programs like yoga and pilates.”

Think again, West Coast (at least until NxJ-San Fran ignites).  The key take-away word is “plan.”  Let’s see if they actually do it.

It is easy for NextJumpers not to plan a fitness budget when we don’t have to spend on a gym membership, at-home fitness equipment,  personal trainers, group classes, Wii and fitness-related video games…

And with the new X-BOX KINECT coming to all NextJump offices very soon, we will be dancing up the year without having to try.  See previous post on how easy it is to be healthy without even trying.

Source: American Express says 47 percent will spend more on health, fitness in 2011 – San Jose fitness | Examiner.com.


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