Weight Management Pitfalls

The NxJ University Weight Management participants have been “saturated” with information.  Here’s a peek at what we are reviewing today.

An easy way to discover your “personal pitfall” is to ask yourself the following:

1. What is the obstacle not allowing me to reach my goal?

2. What is a simple, “too-good-to-be-true-it’s-THAT-easy,” way for me to get through this obstacle?

3. What is the root of my personal pitfall? (You might need to dig deep here!)


PITFALL: Prefer eating starchy carbs over veggies.

EASY FIX: #1: Eat raw peppers and carrots while waiting for your main entrée to cook.  #2: Mix veggies into my favorite carby dish.  Examples: Serve crudités for an appetizer and make a pasta with mixed veggies.

THE ROOT: “Dad told me veggies were for pansies and I associated them as such – especially since they don’t even taste good.”  Realize Dad didn’t get the memo, and veggies are much cooler to eat here in the 21st century.


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