iPad Health Apps

I’ll show you mine (apps) if you show me yours 🙂  In looking to compile a list of favorite and helpful nutrition apps for smart phones, I am now on a mission to find some for the iPad…  since I heart the iPad!

Here are some that I have found for smart phones.  Besides Lose It!, which tracks daily food intake and how it corresponds to goal, the Livestrong app is a similar nutrition app (and free!).  I tried it on my desktop, but it also seems to be iPod, iPhone, and android compatible.  (Sadly, nothing cool is blackberry compatible… YET).  There were a few nutrient inaccuracies when compared to the USDA database, and so it is important to take these calculations of calories with a “grain of salt” (cheers from the pun queen).

For Droid users, the “Diet & Food Tracker” by SparkPeople looks very good for keeping a food diary. It comes with meals plans, exercise needs, water consumption, and also grocery lists if you follow the meal plans. You can add your own custom meals into the diary and it has a very extensive database of foods.  Excellent app.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is another app (of course, the blackberry app is in progress) but I think Diet and Food Tracker looks better.  Calorie Counter PRO might be promising for the iPad, but it isn’t free so I’m doing more research on it before I bite the bullet.  (Read: if any of you want to buy some health apps and give your user-experience, that would be cool!)  Calorie Counter by FatSecret also looks like a simple calorie tracker.

I’ll look at some other iPad apps and decide if there are any good ones to relay; however, feel free to test some out and give me your insight!


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  1. Posted by Kate on January 21, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Just downloaded the “Diet & Food Tracker” app by SparkPeople. It is amazing! Much better than the previous diet/food app I had on my phone. Very user friendly – I was pleasantly surprised with how it tailors to my fitness goals (meal plans/exercise suggestions).


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