Connect with NxJ’ers over Pad Thai

Connect with NxJ’ers over Pad Thai

It is nearing 7:15 PM on a Tuesday night.  NxJ’ers begin to trickle into Mr. Incredibles, bellies growling.  At the long table with his laptop in hand sits Jason Freedman with his fellow FlightCaster group.  He and his team have been dining together ever since they arrived at NxJ.

Says Freedman, “My time here in the NY office is limited.  Soon, we’ll be in SF and forming relationships will be much harder.  So, I see as my top priority in being here to hang out.  And what better time than at dinner.  I also find the very best ideas come out at the dinner table—where there are no cubicle walls or computer screens to separate people.  Most importantly, it’s nice to have a little context on people’s lives beyond Next Jump.  Pass the hot sauce.”

One of the values in dining with people is creating community.  Sitting together not only strengthens bonds but also provides an opportunity to meet new people while enjoying the meal together.  In Boston, NxJ’ers have discovered this idea and have been building relationships ever since.  Over time, this is the sort of culture that strengthens an office.  Says Justin Simmons, “Breaking the proverbial bread has always allowed people from all walks of life to sit together and experience something that is universal. In the Boston office we have really embraced this tradition and turned NxJ dinners into a time where you can get to know people you wouldn’t have otherwise, or just sit back and talk about sports/current events/etc (most recently the hunting skills of John Hilliard’s cat) with your workmates.”

Tomorrow, NYC is trying something brand spanking new for dinner.  Freedman noticed that his small group around meal time led other NxJ’ers to sit and join, too.  As a result, he has proposed a new strategy to get NxJ’ers together.

The table in Mr. Incredibles will become much more inviting.  The middle of the table will have trays of food already there.  The buffet area will also have equivalent trays of food.  Those who come to sit at the Mr. Incredibles Table CAN EAT DINNER RIGHT AWAY AND CUT THE LINE IMMEDIATELY!

Not a problem if you don’t want to sit for dinner.  The line will STILL BE THERE and it is possible to grab your food and eat as you normally would.

Cheers to breaking bread.


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