Food Safety Matters Recap

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN came to discuss food safety matters with NxJ’ers this past Tuesday.  Her entire lecture can be found here: NextJump Food Safety Lecture_2_8_11 and handout: Food Safety Matters_handout.

Here are some points to take away:

1. Washing hands correctly: wet hands/arms with running water (~100F or as hot as you can tolerate); apply soup, scrub hands and arms for 15 seconds (or sing Happy Birthday, twice); rinse thoroughly, dry with single-use paper towel or air blower.

2. Cooking eggs in microwave: it is necessary to cook eggs all the way through by mixing eggs halfway through and then putting back into the microwave. It is important NOT to eat with the same fork with which you whisk. Cut veggies up on a cutting board that is away from raw egg product to protect against salmonella.

3. Hand sanitizer does not replace washing hands: see above how to wash hands.

4. Defrosting meat: never defrost on the counter top.  Defrost in the refrigerator or under luke-warm water. Once defrosted, it is not healthy to put the defrosted meat back into the freezer since microbes have already multiplied.

5. Time and temperature: time food is left out should be no more than four hours.  Danger zone for microbes to grow is in between 41F-135F (meaning keep food cold or very hot).

6. Hands in the bins: do not put your hands in the bins, use the scooper.


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