Home Dinners: Microwavable Ideas

Next Jump dinner was good, but hungry for more?  Here are some meal ideas to create in the microwave (article from Jai):

You’re on the go. You have meetings and classes and work and even more things scribbled on the pages of your planner. Nighttime rolls around, and you realize that unidentifiable grumbling noise is, in fact, coming from your tummy.

Here’s your dilemma—you have work in an hour but still need to show yourself some grub love. You don’t have time to prepare a dinner from scratch, so your eye wanders to the nifty little machine conveniently located on your countertop—your microwave. Jackpot.

Your microwaveable meals don’t have to be limited to Lean Cuisines and TV dinners, though. A variety of products that are yummy and full of nutrients can be created quickly. Get ready for a seven-day menu of munchy meals that you can enjoy on the go!

For any busy Her Campus collegiette™, one item that is a great investment is a solid and sturdy microwave-safe container. You can find one at Target, and Tupperware also sells a variety of different kinds of microwave-safe dishes on their website. One great buy is their “Vent N’ Serve” set of two containers for less than fifty bucks.

Meal Preparation

For the preparation of these meals you will need:

1. Microwave-safe container
2. Cutting board
3. Potato peeler
4. Vegetable scrubber
5. Dishes that are microwave-safe
6. A casserole dish
7. One large bowl
8. Mixing spoons
9. Cutting knives (preferably not butter knives)



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