Soy and Men

“Will eating soy give me ‘man-boobs’?” asked >5 Next Jumpers.

No.  As a follow-up to part one on this subject, soy will not give men this fun addition.

If the person predominantly uses soy as the main staple in his diet, then male hormone saliva tests show increases in conversion of testosterone to estrogen (or rather, estradiol – which is a male sex hormone).  These tests have not been done with whole foods but with processed soy, as in those found in drinks with soy protein.  There are truly no well-done studies to date that show the link between eating soy and producing breasts on men.

Regarding sports nutrition, studies point to whey for effectiveness, but soy is just cheaper. So, if you need to use soy, one serving a day is fine as long as it is not the main staple in your diet. Soy foods that are not processed are okay to consume.


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