Quick Breaks & Healthy Snacks Boost Energy

Health experts offer their advice in an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune.  They mention that a quick way to boost energy at work includes taking frequent, small breaks to stretch or even 10-minute walks.  They also recommend eating healthy snacks, staying hydrated and popping a peppermint to help slow breathing.  At NxJ we can snack smart, take a break, workout or play some pong, and hydrate whenever we want.  Here is a sample day of how to energize yourself, based on these above recommendations.

SAMPLE DAY – How to BOOST your Energy!

Break #1: Eat a mid-morning snack full of fiber.  An apple or pear provides 4 grams of fiber, that’s 15% DV for fiber (if you didn’t get that, see Nutrition Facts 101).  Add a string cheese or baby-bel for some protein, which helps decrease the absorption rate of the apple and keep your tummy fuller for longer.

Break #2: Take a 10-minute break with a coworker; call a friend or family member to say hello.

Break #3: Workout! Smash the weights, as Jeremy J likes to say.  Play a competitive game of ping pong.  Remember to log it in 🙂

Break # 4: Grab a beverage.  Coconut water is a good low calorie choice, high in electrolytes – necessary to replenish fluid losses that occur naturally throughout the day via sweat losses.

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