Pregnancy: Fish for the Fetus

Do you know someone who wants to have a baby?  Tell the mother to eat fish! Fish is a great way to help boost a child’s brain power.  It is also a good way to reduce the mother’s risk of another preterm birth.  Eating fish that is low-in-mercury (wallet card: here) is the best way to recommend fish consumption to a loved one.

Having a repeat preterm birth is less likely with moderate fish intake.

In a study published in the May issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, researchers found that women who have had a preterm birth may be able to reduce their risk of another by eating fish three times per week.  The study noted that results were found through fish consumption versus fish oils.  Their study also found that women who ate fish more than once per month had a 35.9% probability of another preterm birth, compared with a 48.6% chance for those who consumed fish less often. Medscape Today (4/26)

Fish Boosts Child’s Brain Power.

Eating more than 340 grams (12 ounces) of omega-3 rich fish per week during pregnancy was associated with higher verbal IQ scores in children. (Research from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children).  Their findings were taken from 11,000 pregnant women, whose children were followed from six months to eight years.  The researchers found that children from women who consumed zero seafood per week were 48 percent more likely to be in the lowest quartile of verbal IQ scores, compared to women who consumed more than 340 grams.

Are you an expecting NXJ parent?

Take a look at our NXJ policy on pregnancy.


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