Coconut Water

Look inside our refrigerators and marvel at the rows of VitaCoco and Zico.  What’s all this buzz about coconut water and why does Next Jump offer this delicious drink? Bottom line, coconut water has no fat and low in calories — the sugars are not added by the manufacturers, which means it is a great drink to have in between meals or with a snack.  Considering it as a post-exercise fluid replacement without adding additional food and drink is not advised.

Why Isn’t it Great for Exercise?

Coconut water is not the most ideal drink post-exercise for replenishing lost electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium).  Although coconut water has a ton of potassium, it has no sodium, which is more important for post exercise.  When you sweat, you lose a lot more sodium than potassium.  If you want a coconut water after exercise, make sure to have it with a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese, and/or with a handful of salted nuts.  It is okay to have as long as you do add other food and drink sources since it is high in electrolytes.  Because exercise depletes electrolyte stores (through sweat) and because your heart needs a proper balance of electrolytes to pump properly (via the sodium-potassium pump), it is important to replenish lost stores with sources from food and beverages.

Can coconut water really help with … Hangovers?

Not necessarily.  Just because there is a high amount of potassium does not mean it will help cure your hangover.  There are higher amounts of potassium in fruits and vegetables and that isn’t what people usually grab for the morning after.  That said, it is important to hydrate and add electrolytes back into the body after a night out of drinking.  Water and advil are your best bets – coconut water isn’t a miracle drink.

Why else do we offer it?

Because it feels like the beach!  Why not offer a drink that makes you feel like you are lounging at a resort?  Usually, you will find true coconut water inside of a cracked coconut (duh!)  That’s what makes it so much fun to have here at Next Jump 🙂


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