We Love Water Challenge (WLW)

NEW YORK, NY— Early Friday morning, a group of Next Jumpers decided to increase their water consumption by at least 2x.  In the days that followed, the group meticulously tracked cups per day on a 7th floor white board.  Their challenge, entitled We Love Water (WLW), is a new ‘health game’ derived from the gamification conference.  The driving forces behind the initiative, Rebecca Spitzer and Nadia Bajan, realized the challenge might help WLW team members remember to stay hydrated with the best fluid on Earth!

“I gave up on coke and drank more diet iced tea…which though better than coke still didn’t encourage me to drink more water,” says Gautam on why he joined WLW.  Arora recently kicked his “coke addiction” (he drank at least 1-2 cans of regular coke per day).  Now, he is 1.5 years sober to date.

The competition proves to promote water as the best way to stay hydrated.  Diet soda, although a contributor toward total daily fluid intake, is loaded with artificial sweeteners.  The best means to keep the body’s electrolytes in balance is through the consumption of good old H20.

Although other drinks–such as seltzer, coconut water, tea and coffee–do contribute to total fluid intake, nothing beats water.  The Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies advises men to drink 13 cups of fluid per day and women to drink nine.  These are not requirements, but general recommendations, since healthy people adequately meet their daily hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide.  About 80 percent of people’s total water intake comes from drinking water and beverages — including caffeinated beverages — and the other 20 percent is derived from food. (1)

As the weeks progress, I will provide a thorough follow-up on WLW’s progress.  Feel free to join their group by emailing Rebecca and/or Nadia.  Also, share your personal water-drinking tips by commenting below!

(1) IOM Report: Dietary Reference Intakes: Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate


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