Being Fit is Contagious!

Did you ever think it was possible to “catch” being fit? According to a study published in the Journal of Health Services Research, family members have a significant influence over each others’ health behaviors.  If there is a positive role model in the home, the family members are more likely to get more vigorous exercise.(1)

But it works in the opposite direction, too. Like the flu, being overweight might be behaviorally infectious. Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder showed that one had a 57% chance of becoming overweight or obese if his or her closest friends were overweight or obese.(2)  Another group of researchers from Arizona State University’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change in the U.S. interviewed 101 women from Phoenix Arizona and 812 of their closest friends and relatives.  They looked at the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the women and their family and friends, finding that the more overweight a woman’s social circle, the more likely she was to be obese herself.(3)

Bottom line: Consider Next Jump as your familial influence — we are spending lots of time together in and outside of the workplace.  This is a great piece of news, considering that merely working at Next Jump might have an influence over each others’ wellness behaviors.




(3) Daniel Hruschka, Alexandra Brewis, Amber Wutich, and Benjamin Morin. Shared Norms and Their Explanation for the Social Clustering of Obesity. Am J Public Health, May 2011.

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