Burn WOWPoints on New Spring Sneakers

Have you been wearing the same sneakers for over the past year? A shoe is no longer fit for running after 300-500 miles of wear: that’s approximately one whole year of running for most people who run ~10.5 miles per week.  Inappropriate or poor-fitting shoes can cause bone strain, muscle fatigue, and an increased risk of having a stress fracture.

Team Top Perform (Marissa and Trainers) plus Team Merchant have compiled a list of some new 2011 sneakers and deals for running and cross-training, combined with everyday offers that will “run” your sox off!

Running Shoes

Foot Locker: our everyday offer is 6x Points + $15 Off $75

There, you can purchase the new Brooks Ravenna 2, which took top honors in Runner’s World Guide.  Another popular series: the new Nike Free Run, which includes the Free Run 2iDs, Nike Zoom Vomeros, Nike Air Pegasus+ 27s.  Asics came out with their new Gel-Kayano models: the Gel-Kayano 17, which has been known to be one of the top running shoes on the market.

ShopNewBalance: 6x + 15% Off

New Balance (the New Balance 10 men’s) has iterated on their running shoe making it a much lighter pair.


Foot Locker: our everyday offer is 6x Points + $15 Off $75

There, you can purchase the new Nike Free TR2 Men’s or TR Fit Women’s training shoe, which has a harder, less flexible feel to take the impact of squats, deadlifts and jumping.  These are NOT meant for running, so make sure you are not running the JPMCC in these shoes.  I have the Nike Free XT Everyday Fit and noticed that my heels feel more supported when I do box jumps or have tough lands after a jump squat.

Reebok: 6x + 40% Off Clearance Points Offer

There, you can purchase the Reebok Zig Energy, also a strong structured shoe.  Only problem is that you need to be ready for the zig zaggy rubberized sole, which is a funky look!

Just think: people will be uber-scared of you when you show these off!

Running Stride

Each individual has his or her own unique foot structure and gait pattern. For this reason, every brand of running shoe makes various models that are designed to meet the needs of each individual runner (i.e., neutral, over-pronation, under-pronation, as well as high, medium or low arches). It is always recommended that one has his or her gait analysis completed at a local running store prior to purchasing a new running shoe.

Other internal NXJ resources on Sneakers:

1. Wiki Sneaker Guide on Gait.

2. Sneaker wear n’ tear check out question #3.

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