Angelwish Turns 12 Today!

Happy Birthday to Angelwish: 12 years old (June 1st, 2011)!  A note from Shimmy, the CEO:

It was 12 years ago today that Angelwish came into existence as a nonprofit–and I found a solution to my quarter life crisis.

It was a month earlier when I was driving home from work at 4am, frustrated with my hours and clients. Over caffeinated and exhausted, I did what most normal 25 year old kids would do and registered the domain name In the next three weeks, I had a pretty good sketch of a business plan (only the first few versions were on a cocktail napkin, which was an absolute requirement for anyone doing business in 1999), and I had figured out that Angelwish was going to match the “needs” of children with the “haves” of young professionals.

It has been a long and winding road running Angelwish here in the US in the UK and, while I wish that we spent less of the last few years trying to survive and more time helping children living with chronic illnesses, I know that we are poised to make a huge difference at the age of 12.

A big part of our positive outlook is due to our Next Jump Family in New York, UK, Boston, and SF – it has been an amazing year working, learning, drinking, and bonding with you – I hope that we’ve been able to add something to your experiences, as well – if not let me know and we’ll do something about that.

Shimmy, Kayla, & Carolyn


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