Burn WOWPoints: Running Fuel-belt

What is a running fuel-belt? Some Next Jumpers who already ran the Boston race (congrats!) mentioned that they would have liked to carry along their keys, cell phones, money and IDs.  Apologies to Boston in advance for not learning about … THE FUEL OR SPI-BELT, aka, “the cool fanny pack” (thanks for that quote, Dan F.)

The Spi-belt is a running belt that holds a small amount of items (plus, it is easy to attach your bib # to the belt so you do not have to pin it to your nice new shirt!)

Our partner, Golfsmith, offers the SPIbelt (OID: 49123 4x WOWPoints).  If you would prefer belts that can hold both personal items and some fluids, the following merchants sell the standard fuel belt: Paragon (4x WOWPoints), Road Runner (9x WOWPoints), Sports Authority (4x WOWPoints + 15% Off Purchase).  Please email me if you have more questions about how to choose the right belt for you!  (It’s personal!)


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