Race-Day Nutrition

If you are looking to test the NYC 3.5 mile with proper sports nutrition before the race day, here are some guidelines that I sent over to Boston.  Try a sample day tomorrow or this weekend with the following sports nutrition:

Race-day fluids:

1.       BEFORE THE RACE: NYC has a 7:00 pm start-time; drink normally throughout the day.  AT LEAST ONE hour before the run, drink anywhere from 16-24oz of fluids (2-3 cups).  Plan to void (use the restroom!) prior to the race time.  Drink about 4 oz before starting (this usually equals two big gulps of water).

2.       DURING THE RACE: the Corporate Challenge sets up race stations with water in 4oz shooters.  If you are racing for a time < 30 min, you need 0-1 shooters for the race.  If you plan to run > 30 min, plan to stop by the stations at least 2 times.  There will be no Gatorade at this race—meaning, if you think you will be out there for 45-60 min, it is wise to bring a G2 from the office.

3.       AFTER THE RACE: Rehydration is essential to avoid cramping and recover from sweat losses.  Plan to rehydrate with water or a sports drink – at least 20-24 oz.  If your urine is dark yellow, you will need to keep drinking to obtain the lemonade color.  Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that your body will lose fluids when consuming this drink.  Not the best fluid to have post-exercise; however, if you plan to consume alcohol post-race, make sure to hold a glass of water in the other hand.  For every one beer, drink two cups of water to stay hydrated.

Race-day nutrition (test if you have time beforehand):

Do what you NORMALLY do – no drastic changes on race-day!  If you are completely in the dark about how to eat, here is a guide to “eating clean” the day of the race.

1.       BREAKFAST: yogurt with granola and berries

2.       MID-MORNING SNACK: apple with string cheese

3.       LUNCH: Turkey or hummus and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread; side small salad

4.       MID-AFTERNOON SNACK: Trail mix with pretzels or granola bar

5.       PRE-RACE: ½ – whole banana and/or ½ – whole kashi or nature’s valley bar

6.       POST-RACE DINNER: Make sure to get 1 portion of carb (bread, pasta, corn, potato, rice), 1 portion of protein (meat, cheese, tofu, seafood), and 1 portion of veggies.

Questions – contact me!

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