Runner’s Etiquette: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of the Runner’s Etiquette to Rocking the Race, please make sure to read before you proceed.  By now you should have learned the art of targeting your spit, throwing your cup below your waist, and signaling to make a clean pass.  But what should you do if you drop something important?  Shoelace comes undone?  What if you want to strike a pose mid-race?  (See incriminating photo below).

Idiotic Runner Spotting, NYC JPMC 2011

(Continued from previous rules)

RULE #4: Are You Really Posing During a Race?

If you have to bend down and tie your shoe, make a phone call, or (gasp!) pose for a photo, then step off the course.  Even at slow speeds, this type of behavior is very disturbing to fellow walkers and runners.

RULE #5: “Run or Walk No More than Two Abreast”

This rule is common to see in running bulletins.  It means that if you prefer running or walking with company, you shouldn’t invite your entire posse.  Enjoy one friend only so that your gaggle won’t block the road.

RULE #6: Need Help?  Put One Hand on Your Head

Whether during or after the race, placing your hand on your head will signal to the First Aid Station that you are in distress.  If you feel light-headed or faint, it is a good way to get help immediately.

Have some more funny stories or rules to include?  Comment below or email me!


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