Why Should I Eat Breakfast?

If you think you are a rebel for skipping breakfast and sleeping in, think again.  Breakfast everyday sharpens the mind, keeps energy levels high, and the fat poundage off.  How can one meal be this magical?

Why Breakfast is Merlin Magical

B-FAST SHARPENS YOUR MIND.  After you are fasting all evening, and hopefully sleeping soundly, breaking the fast will help reload your glucose stores, which is the only fuel upon which the brain can function.  Lots of studies even showed that children outperformed their peers, just by eating breakfast!  Read those studies here.

Quick tip: glucose comes from carbohydrates.  But get the good ones through whole grains and fruit versus high sugary drinks and multi-colored cereals, i.e., fruit loops.

B-FAST KEEPS ENERGY LEVELS HIGH.  Skipping the morning meal means low glycogen stores.  Our glycogen stores are where we get to build up all of the carbohydrate calories we consume through fruits, veggies, starchy veggies, breads, grains, pastas, nuts, beans legumes, and seeds.  Not having your glycogen stores topped off will help you feel good and slow.  Your best energy does not come from consuming only protein and fats — adding healthy carbohydrates will provide vigor and better focus.

Quick tip: Add protein to your carb choices to prolong the feeling of fullness.  Try two eggs on toast with a slice of cheese.

B-FAST HELPS KEEP THE WAIST SMALL.  Skipping the morning meal will also keep you nibbling those calories later on.  According to The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), a group that tracks people who have kept off 30 pounds or more for at least a year, showed that 78% of success stories ate breakfast everyday and 90% of the success stories ate breakfast five days per week.  Breakfast is a key strategy to keeping off the excess pounds.

Quick Tip: Not looking to have a huge meal in the morning?  A banana with some cottage cheese will suffice.

Integrate Into Your Day

If you are not convinced yet, feel free to talk to Mr. Breakfast 🙂  If so, here are some suggestions; choose one-two from each of the sources:

1. As your carbohydrate source: banana, whole wheat bread, oatmeal

2. As your protein source: eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, sausages, milk

3. As your fat source: a thumb of cheese, cream cheese, butter, olive oil or peanut butter

4. As your fruit/veggies source: any fruit or veggie


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