Do You Smoke?

Imagine having to pay extra for health insurance–on top of your daily pack of cigarettes–just for being a smoker! [Check out our Full Engagement Center for the article, along with our dinner menus, and this week’s class fitness schedule].

Companies are cracking down on cigarette smoking, according to a recent article through Bloomberg Businessweek on  Since we know there is major longevity for non-smokers, companies are aware of the large level of productivity they can capture from a non-smoker.

Some companies are using fierce measures to ban smoking.  For example, the article in msnbc went on to mention how PepsiCo asks smokers to pay an annual $600 insurance surcharge.  To me that is pretty cool as an incentive to stop.  But if you cannot, then what is a puffer to do?

There’s an App for That

Some apps are pretty handy to have as a motivator and reminder about the bad habit.  The iPhone “Stop Smoking App” in the UK gives you daily tips and tracks how much money you are saving from not smoking. 

The MyQuit Coach through gives you the option to go cold turkey or gradually reduce the nicotine intake. Your social support network through facebook and twitter can also cheer you on as you make progress.

According to a Hard Geek article, there are “5 amazing iPhone apps that will help you quit smoking.”  They are “Quitter,” “Smokeless”, “FixNixer,” “Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson,” and “My QuitLine.”  My QuitLine seems to be able to connect you with experts for free in order to help give needed support.

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