How to Slip ‘n Slide

The Summer Outing is approaching and that means so is the annual SLIP ‘N SLIDE!  I am embarrassed to admit that I almost killed myself last summer competing in this event (due primarily to improper form and that, as a true Next Jumper I was bloodthirsty to win).  Therefore, I feel compelled to share anecdotal evidence on what I now call, “PROPER SLIP ‘N SLIDE FORM.”

Did someone just hear a snap?  This is me during the fall of doom…


Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Muscle Groups Used: Latissimus Dorsi, Back, Rhomboids, Chest, Shoulders, Core, Abdominals, Hamstring

Benefits: Integrated total body exercise with an emphasis on back and core

Prerequisites: Make sure you are fully hydrated 🙂  Participants must not be hung-over. Participants must demonstrate adequate functional movement with their upper and lower bodies.  Participants must also demonstrate stability and control in the bent-over, superman position.

Preparation: Stand with feet straight apart with one foot slightly ahead of the other and knees at a slight bend.  Ensure that you are about five steps away from the start of the slip ‘n slide.  This should be your “get-ready-to-run” stance.  You might feel people screaming in your ear and patting you on the tush before your take off.  Disregard, and get into your zone.

Movement: Accelerating into the run, make sure you are running on the grass and not on the black tarp.  Before you hit the tarp, bend your knees as though you are getting ready to dive low into a shallow pool.  Keep your head up and arms flexed straight (like Superman).  Pushing off the grass with your feet, glide onto the slip ‘n slide tarp chest and belly before hips.  This ensures that you do not land on your hip bones.


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  1. Posted by Steve Burnell on July 19, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Outstanding! Good read =P


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