Treating Sunburns

Did you burn yourself this past weekend at the Summer Outing? Here are some tips to alleviate the pain, redness and peeling skin (woof!).


According to our UnitedHealthcare Summer Wellness Update, the key thing to implement right after a bad sunburn is keeping the affected area cold.  Some ideas: wet compress directly on the skin (damp towels are fine) and/or taking a cold bath.


Another tip from the newsletter is to apply after-sun soothing lotions, such as aloe-vera.  Doing so will keep the area moist and help prolong and possibly avoid the inevitable flakiness and peeling that comes along with bad burns.

STAY HYDRATED (…but of course!)

What do fluids do?  They keep the body cool.  In order to avoid a potential heat exhaustion or heat stroke case, having plenty of fluids before and after the sun is a sure way to keep body temperature in check.


NSAIDs (non-addictive anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen, advil and aspirin are special for alleviating inflammation.  Taking medication can help prevent infection, according to the newsletter.  For minor burns, it will help deal with the swelling and pain.  Additionally, NSAIDs will reduce pain as the area heals up.

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