Coffee: What’s a Normal Amount?

How much coffee does the NYC office drink? Our Coffee-Service Contact from Fresh Direct stated that the 8th floor has consumed 5,222 cups over the past year. The 7th floor has consumed 4,307 cups over the past year.  This is not counting the Keurig machine or the Starbucks in our lobby, meaning the entire office has probably consumed at least 10,000-15,000 cups of coffee in one year!

What is a Normal Amount Per Day?

Up to 300 mg per day is safe.  This is three cups of coffee.  More than this amount per day has been shown to increase the jitters, cause diarrhea, and could even promote anxiety.

Is Coffee Healthy?

Without cream and sugar, coffee is a healthy addition to the day – coffee is loaded with antioxidants.

Do You Drink Coffee?

Yes.  I am a walking endorsement of coffee.  As a dietitian, I am asked this question quite often and am constantly surprised that people still equate coffee as being unhealthy.  Mmm coffee!

How Does Coffee Keep me Awake?

Caffeine blocks adenosine (a neurotransmitter), which is one of the natural sleep chemicals.  The longer you are awake, the more adenosine you produce.  Caffeine doesn’t do anything else but BLOCK this chemical.  Coffee gives us a boost because caffeine prolongs the wakefulness state.


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