Fiber: Why Do I Need It?

“I always hear that I need to eat more fiber – what’s so great about it?”

Welcome to something called . . . your colon.  Your colon is the last piece of your digestive tract–and it requires a lot of fiber to stay healthy and strong!

What is Fiber?

Fiber is a carbohydrate source found in plants (fruits and veggies) and grains.

Healthy Colon?

You want to eat fiber everyday because it helps to…

1.       Promote bowel regularity

2.       Protect against diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Fiber Requirements Per Day

Ages 19-50 year old men need 38 grams per day.  Women of that age range need 25 grams per day.

Ways to Include More Fiber

Remember to increase the amount of fiber in the diet slowly so you do not develop a crampy, bloated stomach.  Some ways to include more fiber are during breakfast by sprinkling some wheat germ or ground flaxseed meal into your oatmeal or yogurt.  Add an apple per day and a cup of almonds as a snack.  Try an extra serving of vegetables at dinner.  Voila, you added more fiber to your diet 🙂


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