College Students: Poor Nutrition

Will our very own interns lose all of their healthy new habits when they return back to Study-ville? According to a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, male college students only consume five servings of fruits and vegetables per week, while their female counterparts only consume four per week.  The females, however, did keep a better log of the food they consumed and had increased likelihood of reading nutrition fact labels.  The recommendations for fruits and vegetables are to consume at least 5-9 servings per day (one serving =1 cup raw fruit or vegetable, or ½ cup cooked).

How Do Our Interns Measure Up?

Yesterday, the interns were given a brief survey about healthy habits.  They were asked if they thought specific healthy habits may change when back in college as a result of working with us.

80% of the interns completed the survey.  Overall, we found that most healthy habits picked up here at Next Jump are likely to stick.  Since the fitness portal holds us accountable for our workouts, it was nice to see that 75% of our interns will continue to plan in advance once they get back to school.  Another 75% state that they will do more cardio exercise when they return to college than they had performed before, 50% predict that they will eat breakfast when they return, while the other 50% think it will stay the same.

Interestingly, it looks like the interns aren’t planning to change their sleep habits or have small snack breaks, but the weakness in this survey is that I didn’t test the below items before and after their stay with Next Jump.  With the new Daily Ritual Booth, I will now be able to track your healthy habits over time 🙂

Item More often Less often Will stay the same
Eating breakfast 50.0% (4) 0.0% (0) 50.0% (4)
Including fruits and vegetables everyday 25.0% (2) 12.5% (1) 62.5% (5)
Having more fiber rich foods 37.5% (3) 12.5% (1) 50.0% (4)
Cardio exercise 75.0% (6) 12.5% (1) 12.5% (1)
Strength training 62.5% (5) 12.5% (1) 25.0% (2)
Scheduling time to workout 75.0% (6) 12.5% (1) 12.5% (1)
Sleeping at least 6-8 hours 0.0% (0) 0.0% (0) 100.0% (8)
Having small snack breaks 12.5% (1) 12.5% (1) 75.0% (6)
Expressing gratitude 37.5% (3) 0.0% (0) 62.5% (5)


Los Angeles Times (8/17)


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