Nexercise Spying on Next Jump?

A Prize for Exercise?  Sound Familiar?

New iPhone Exercise App

A new (and free!) exercise app just came out, called “Nexercise,” which allows users to earn points and rewards for tracking their fitness time.  The app also allows users to purchase fitness merchandise at a discount.

Nexercise Spying on Next Jump?

Discounts, rewards… Bah.  We get this already.  Nexercise may toy with the idea of motivating users with point-incentives and accountability via check-ins; but to win means winning in their lottery system, which is based on how many points a user earns.  Although a user is more likely to win if he or she accumulates many points–it isn’t necessarily in the bag.

Interesting Ideas

The idea of mini bonus points via gift cards seemed interesting– but we already have this ability, merely by shopping on our site.  Another interesting piece was that if a Nexercise user works out with a friend, he or she gets bonus points, as well.  That we are currently working out with trainers is already a way to hold ourselves more accountable — and reward, alone.

See more about the new app here.

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