NJU: Sports Nutrition Supplementation

Missed the NJU course on Sports Nutrition Supplementation? It can be found on the Wiki.  Please review some previous discussion about the lecture before reviewing the below.

How Today’s NJU was Born

Within one week of being at Next Jump back in January 2010, I was given wrappers to read, protein powders, pill bottles to review … I furiously looked through my Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) to see if the products were safe or even legal.  In May I attended the Annual CPSDA conference, and it sparked my interest to discover how I could provide new ways to help you evaluate the hundreds of thousands of supplements we have on the market.

As part of our Human Capital, we have many programs to help us achieve optimal energy.  As part of our nutrition program, I have covered many topics ranging from portion and weight control to optimal hydration status during the JPMC and the Irish Flip Cup tournament.  As part of a well-balanced diet, dietary supplements can serve as an enhancement — a “supplement” — to an already nutritious program.

Some Take Away Points:

– Clinton signed into law the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), meaning that manufacturers could market dietary supplements without submitting proof or safety to the FDA

– Ergogenic Aids are supplements that are intended to improve athletic performance

– For overall health, it is important to check Serum vitamin D, iron and B12 levels before supplementing

– Everyone can benefit from a fish oil supplement, at least 1 gram per day, since it is a potent anti-oxidant

– With a healthy diet, multi-vitamins are not necessary unless specific deficiencies have been detected or for prenatal purposes

– Creatine monohydrate can help a male gain bulk, but use should be limited to a specified amount of time and be supervised by a dietitian and/or doctor

– BCAAs, glutamine and arginine are helpful amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, but protein blends through protein powders can provide the quality of protein necessary to obtain these specific amino acids

– Methylhexanamine is in Jack3d and 1.M.R., and not advised for the general public to consume based on safety concerns

– Certified supplements through secondary bodies, such as USP and NSF are good resources for the consumer to use since they evaluate supplements for safety.


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